Fashion Envie, The Ecoventure!

When we think of shopping, our first thoughts are to stop by the closest H&M to pick up one or two items that will complete the look that we are going for. Most of the time, we forget to think of going to “second-hand stores”.. you know the Salvation Armies, the Goodwill stores, or even the swanky Buffalo Exchange to see if we can get more for our buck. The whole concept of Thrifting has never been so prevalent in this century till the recession hit. We were all looking for ways to shop smart and spend less. Needless to say, each industry suffered tremendously.

Fashion Envie is a result of these constant ramblings on what to wear, where to shop, and how to wear these items that were previously worn. Now, there are many ways to be eco-friendly; you can either recycle, upcycle, and/or reuse some previously owned items. Fashion Envie‘s goals are not limited to Thrifting but also includes supporting eco-friendly brands, designers, and artists that pride themselves on infusing sustainable practices into their collections/artworks. In short, Fashion Envie‘s goal is to rebrand the idea of eco-friendly.. to make saving our planet FUN again. We can almost associate the eco-friendly movement of recent years to the Peace and Love revolution of the 60s and 70s. That era (as much as it was heavily steeped in war and loads of debt) personified a generation that wasn’t affected by technology and the relationship between us and mother earth. 

We can expect some people to surmise that Fashion Envie will be a bunch of hippies! But no. We are doing the exact opposite! We hope that you will attend our event with an open mind to learn how our actions affect the environment. We promise to change your minds through a Midsummer Jungle themed display of functional art and wearable ecofriendly designs that we hope will reposition the idea of Green Fashion

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