What is Fashion Envie?

From my experience and extensive research, there aren’t enough sustainable platforms to represent and/or showcase eco-friendly designers in New York City. Most parts of the world have their own ecofashion week that’s held annually. The role FASHION plays in our daily lives is very important. We love to dress in the most fashionable gears that our disposable income can afford, drive the most fashionable looking cars, and immerse ourselves in brand association that our society craves for. It begs the question,… How are we treating our environment? Why is there ignorance when the conversation of our environment comes up? This is NO longer an issue that can be ignored. Our environment is talking to us… we see the ice caps are melting, air and water pollution have taken its course on many levels that the effects are destructive. You must ask yourself, what can I do to change my environment… this of course can mean your apartment building, neighborhoods, communities, towns, cities, states, country… the WORLD!?

As the founder of Fashion Envie, this was a passion project that came about due to the lack thereof of Eco-friendly events to support these artists and designers. I was born and partly raised in Nigeria. I was constantly surrounded by one type of pollution or another during those tender years. It wasn’t till I moved to the States with my family I realized the dangers we were in; the media back home fails to mention how deteriorated our natural resources are. With this in mind and upon conclusion of my Shell Oil project in 2011, the seed was planted. Fashion can be used as vehicle to promote change and create dialogue about these environmental issues. Hence, the reason for Fashion Envie!

It seems that the perception of anything that’s eco-friendly either smells, has poor quality, and/or lacks value. That argument is beginning to lose ground since high-end designers such as Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood have already taken major steps in becoming more eco-conscious with their collection and brand image. So, that should suggest that we are on the path to saving our planet and returning to nature. We hope that through Fashion Envie, we can infuse F.U.N (Fashion Understanding Nature) into the fashion industry and rebrand the concept of eco-design (art, fashion, interior home design etc).

Jennifer Nnamani
Fashion Envie 2013- Founder/Creative Director

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