Beau Monde Society Attends One Wonder NYC Viral Viewing

Beau Monde Society’s founder, Jennifer Nnamani met Tres Wonder of One Wonder NYC while working backstage at the Brooklyn Fashion Week(end) in 2011 as a stylist. Under the direction of the chief stylist, BMS founder styled a couple of looks and from then on, a business partnership was built. During the month of June 2012, BMS assisted in styling the One Wonder NYC Lookbook alongside Juice. Jewelry pieces were pulled from CanDid Art Acessories which completed the female model’s looks and made their looks more than an urban look. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks after, Juice died tragically. However, to honor his memory and the selfless, passionate, and liveliness he brought to One Wonder NYC, the project continued as planned.

On December 2012, One Wonder did its first viral viewing in Staten Island which was well received and attended by Hip-Hop lovers, street artists, fashionistas, and business-minds alike. The brand’s moniker, The One Wonder Movement is meant to inspire resonates deeply into the fabric and artwork that makes up the company. From their artistic tees that reflect NYC sceneries to over the top dope street art that often pay homage to its neighborhood of origin and Hip-Hop.

Riding on the wave of success, One Wonder NYC hosted a second viral viewing during New York Fashion Week at Lyons Wier Gallery in Chelsea. The event was colorful with retro-urban gear, music by DJ Jazzy Joyce, and pictures from the Lookbook decorated the walls. It was a proud but a bittersweet moment to see some of the styling work admired by close friends of Juice and the One Wonder NYC family. When we walked in, Tres Jones, co-founder of One Wonder NYC gave my team and I a greeting and handed the official lookbook to BMS founder.

Overall, this was a lovely evening! Here are some behind the scene photos from June 2012 by BMS:







Photo credit by FE Photography and One Wonder NYC on February 11th.




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