The Creative Era Editorial Shoot: Black Wall Street

On a freeIng cold February 21st morning, 4 male models, Whitney House of The Creative Era, Angelina Adiatu of Shades Dance Company as our videographer, and Stephanie Nnamani, better known to her fans as Teff, The Don descended into New York’s Financial District. Model casting, styling, and creative direction was done by Jennifer annanani for Beau Monde society. The theme of the shoot, Black Wall Street was to highlight a casual friday in an otherwise yuppie immersed culture in Wall Street. The story goes– by wearing a WOB (Wiring of Bowties), you’re not only different but shows your creative nature. Our meeting place was Starbucks located at 55 Broad Street and I must add, the employees there are pretty cool! They even let us shoot indoors and borrow a Wall Street Journal!

After we grabbed some hot chocolate, there was a short walk up past the heavily protected Wall Street area that flaunted household names like Tiffany & Co, NYSE, and the Trump towers. Before we got to the monument, there were a bunch of tourists that braved the weather to take pictures alongside the aging columns and other pieces synonymous with Wall Street. From a historical standpoint, there was a Black Wall Street back in the early 1900s. Parrish Street in Durham, NC was a home to Black entrepreneurship and spearheaded development in that area. Ok, back to NY! The shoot grabbed the attention of tourists and New Yorkers alike. We also saw some Wall Street guys sporting a bowtie in Starbucks– all the while eyeing the WOB.

Checkout some of our behind the scenes photos:






Here are two released photos from our editorial with TCE with models Aaron and Yinka:



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