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Fashion Envie 2013: Summary, Photos & Videos!

On April 20th, 2013, Beau Monde Society alongside the Fashion Envie creative team ushered in a beautiful and ethical display of fashion and art during New York City’s Earth Week. Our eco-conscious event was held at a socially conscious space called Space on White on White Street. Earlier in the week, our models were casted and fitted into our designer’s looks which then set the stage for our fashion portion.  Next up, event programs, gift bags, and other miscellaneous items were picked up. Teamwork makes the world go round!

Our team arrived at the space ready to transform it into a jungle. Lights were stationed around the raw space to create an ambience that was welcoming and natural; tiny light bulbs adorned the walls and the dark jungle were the art reception was held.


Architect Preet Kalra and Producer Zunyda Maya putting the finishing touches on the Green Wall

Guests admire the artwork of Dominick Williams and Ian Chapman during the art reception hour.

Fashion Envie was sold out and well attended by other ethical minds and designers. The stage was set with our vegan cupcakes sponsored by Alvohn’s Custom Pastries based in Harlem, NY and Lael Cakes based in Brooklyn, NY paired with non-alchoholic beverage sponsor, Vita Coco Coconut Water. Our guests enjoyed the F.U.N atmosphere that was permeated by jungle sounds mixed with house music (otherwise referred to as South African House Music) by R.E.M Media Productions’ DJ Nitemare.

Fashionably dressed Nancy and friends

Blogger, photographer and designer, Karolina Brock at the Green Wall. Also, check out her recap of Fashion Envie on her Swedish based blog here:

Blogger and social entrepreneur, Lisa Marie Phoenix with Victoria Cooker, another creative visionary

Michelle DelGuerrcio, Founder and Executive Director of Skraptacular–Fashion Envie’s nonprofit partner (

mama meandjess skrap mmm


Designer and Creative Director of The Creative Era, Whitney House

The art reception featured artworks by Ian Chapman, Dominick Williams, and Skraptacular savored over some delicious cupcakes!

Cupcakes by Lael Cakes

Some of the amazing artwork of Ian Chapman

The haunting and inspiring works of Dominick Williams.

After the art reception, the hostess of the event, Adeyinka of Shades Dance Company introduced the first half of the fashion segment. The lineup were Amy Decew designs, ReciclaGem NY by Tamara Leacock. Here are some of the looks from our Jungle Utopia!

Amy Decew Designs (

asj bra mars

Designs by Tamara Leacock of ReciclaGEM NY

Following our first two designers, we had an intermission to highlight the message of sustainability in fashion, introduce our nonprofit partner, Skraptacular and their two student models, and lastly, a silent auction featuring  jewelry by Katra Awad and Yumnah Najah. Proceeds from the jewelry auction went to support Skraptacular’s programs.

Skraptacular’s Miranda and Zoey catwalks during our intermission.

The fashion segment was continued by JWhite’s collection

ashley bra margaret

Designs by Jessica White

The Naked Roots Collection by Eunika Simmons…

jade pwet tnr werk werrrk

The Naked Roots Collection by Eunika Simmons

Overall, the event was a success! We are more than grateful to the Fashion Envie Team that dedicated their creative effort and time to the project, our sponsors, and guests. We hope that you will join us  on April 19th, 2014 for our next ecoventure!

Fashion Envie Team Credits

Producer: Zunyda Maya
Architect: Preet Kalra
Social Media Strategist: Steffanie Nnamani
Publicist: Dom Drake
Graphic Designer: James Mao
Art Director: Ian Chapman
Digital Media Strategist: Reynaldo Osoria of R.E.M Media Productions
Artist: Dominick Troy Williams
Assistant & Nail Technician: Marsha Larose
Intern: Deandra Wolfe

Special thanks to our team of volunteers that assisted the team during the day of the show and our amazing beauty team of makeup artists and hairstylist!


Vita Coco Coconut Water

Lael Cakes

Alvohn’s Custom Pastries

La Perle Noire LLC

One With Nature

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

Deserts by Michael Allen

To see backstage video, click here:

To see the full length video for the fashion show, click here:

To view the full photo album, visit:

Jennifer Nnamani– Founder & Creator of Fashion Envie, Executive Producer and Stylist for  FE at the conclusion of her first installment!


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