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Beau Monde Society: Where We’ve Been

Since our last blog post, BMS has been in a whirlwind of activities. From designing fashion stories, collaborating with other creatives, and pushing the Fashion Envie platform, there hasn’t been enough time to actually sit down and keep you updated with our progress. Also, we have launched a website since our absence. Check it out for the full stories on each of our fashion story published around the world since our absence. There have been lot of lessons learned during our growth and we are looking forward to what Creativity and opportunity has in store for our brand.

Clandestine Evolution

The story revolves around the scientific equation of nature as it applies to sustainable fashion and art. The goal was to execute oneness with nature whereby each facet is inextricable or interdependent of each other. By merging light and dark elements, and with nature as a backdrop, each look featured the model in an ethereal landscape wearing sustainable designs. The mission of Clandestine Evolution was to purport the future of fashion and immersing in the reality that the survival of our natural habitat depends on its evolution.

African In the City

Inspired by summer in the New York City this story features ecofriendly designs. It captures three friends walking throughout the city seemingly living the day to day lives of a New Yorker. African In the City combines color blocking and vibrant backdrops to spice up the common perception of city life. While making the conscious effort to include New York City’s beautiful vines and portray it as a city of life.

Warm Bodies

The ultimate goal is to become a sustainable consumer and inspire others to do it as well. Inspired by ecofriendly designers, the Warm Bodies editorial infused recovered items into fashion and art. Recycled items from the local bar, furniture store in SoHo, and a hardware store were used throughout the shoot to create the looks. This editorial recreates a world where we can rely on our creative capabilities and adapt to the changing environment.

Wild Flower

As the muse for the Wild Flower photo story, Lilian embodied the interpretation of beauty and mystery. A Rwandan born of the Hutu and Tutsi tribe, Lilian’s journey as an artist was cultivated through time—even during moments of conflict. As a child, she was enveloped in moments of solitude, surrounded by the deadly chaos in Rwanda. Yet, she overcame this tragedy and blossomed into a colorful personality. She talked about moving to America at the age of 15 shortly after the end of the genocide and beginning to understand the complexities of her unusual background. As a wildflower that grew in the midst of these life-changing events, she remains poised. She’s yet to return to her homeland.

The look was inspired by nature, the Los Angles landscape, and her signature haircut. Flowers, African prints, shades of pink and orange were selected for Lilian’s shoot at Venice Beach. The first look featured the celebrated Demestiks NY wrap dress followed by thrifted pieces and assorted jewelry. Her crown was adorned with fresh flowers while her African continent tattoo came into play towards the end of the shoot.


I.M.A.N (an acronym for InspiringMavenArchetype. Neo-African) fashion story is inspired by the captivating and international supermodel IMAN. This story started in 2012—first I had to find the perfect model that I felt would embody her essence and likeness. The I.M.A.N editorial serves to pay homage to her contributions to the fashion industry as well as the interpretation of IMAN’s elegant yet funky style. Finally, in the summer of 2015, set in Soho New York City with its diverse backdrops, the story of I.M.A.N unfolded into five distinguished looks that portray her vibrant story as a celebrated fashion icon.

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