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Fashion Envie’s 5th annual installation took place on Earth Day 2017. Like every Earth Day since 2013, I approached each installment with anticipation and reflection. With an evolving theme for each year, the platform has grown–bringing together an audience of 100 people and an online audience over 300 people. This year’s event was a challenge. I felt it might be time to take the platform outside New York. I had an important question to answer; is this the right time?

I intended on taking a much needed break after 2016’s Oxo Monochrome. I received an email inquiring about fashion events in NYC from a designer and at the time, I have not given any thought to planning Fashion Envie 2017. Then November 8th happened. For anyone to think Climate change is not real, is mind boggling. The evidence is everywhere you look and for it to be part of our political dialogue is important to protect the future. The theme Metamorphosis came about from this observation and to focus on these 2 narratives; Women Empowerment and Immigrant Story. For 4 FEs’, the art direction has involved a team to bring my vision to life. This year, I embarked on creating an art installation focusing on Cotton and and the concept of Decay.  The Journey of the Cotton was inspired by the plight of Black people in America and the crucial role Cotton played in that dark and often neglected history. It wasn’t difficult to conjure up images for this piece; America built on the backs of slaves, blood stained cotton bulbs, strange fruits, and bullet holes..  It was a $4 billion industry and it is still woven into the fabric of American society.

“…the spirit was the blood that watered the cotton, and these created the first fruits of the American garden.”- Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between The World And Me.

Metamorphosis installation showcased my growth as an Artist, Creative Director, and Producer. It also highlighted the stories our designers bring into their collection. You can learn more about them via our website. Working alongside my sister, Stephanie Nnamani who oversaw the Art and Creative Direction of our campaign shoot as seen in Black Girl in Om was a visual treat! Attention to detail was paramount. For instance, I selected caterpillars and butterflies (a lot can be interpreted out of that imagery) for our fliers and limited event tickets, platforms were revived in bright starburst colors, and fresh flowers from Deep Purple Flower adorned the gallery space. I selected music from different eras/genres and it reflected the mood I wanted to bring into the space. Most importantly, I used this opportunity to cast all Black and natural hair models as my mission is to Challenge The Status Quo by showcasing more of our stories/faces to the world! To read about our event, click here. For all images to our sold out event, LIKE us on Facebook and view the album here. Our event video will be launched on our Vimeo page soon! Special thanks to FE17 event sponsors/partners, team FE17, models, and volunteers. Until next year, here’s to growth, sharing positivity, and shaping our world for the better.



Jennifer | Lady GEORGE
Founder/Creative Director Beau Monde Society


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