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LER Ligisa’s PATHWAY To Debut at NYFW September 2013

Beau Monde Society aims at “Challenging The Status Quo..” We celebrate artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs that push the envelope a bit on creative projects. I got a chance to meet writer/translator/designer over the summer and we talked about life and dreams– and accomplishing those dreams. It has always been a dream for her to show her designs in New York City but she wasn’t sure where or how to start. That is where Beau Monde Society comes in! Not only do we have the same color in our logos, she is French (beau monde is french), and the B in BMS logo if you look closely is a pair of scissors! Visit her website at http://www.ler-ligisa.com to see why I was beyond stoked to work with her! It was as if the universe wrote it before it happened.

Soon after, the tedious planning began for her fashion presentation. Budget had to be drawn up, location search, sponsor appeal, and promotional photo shoot just to name a few were implemented to bring more attention to Eva Rogo-Levenez’s LER Ligisa! Here are some behind the scene photos from our promotional shoot!


aQut-50 aQut-27 aQut-20 aQut-12 aQut-56



Designer: Ler Ligisa www.ler-ligisa.com
Creative Director/Stylist: Jennifer Nnamani | Beau Monde Society 
Photographer: Shola Bashorun | aQut Photography 
MUA: Christopher McKie
Hair: Charlei Jones
Models: Brene Ashley & Sarina Bayer
Jewelry: YN Designs www.yndesigns.com

To see more photos, visit our facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/beaumondesociety

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