Fashion and Love Connects at Panla’s Taste of Africa

New York Fashion Week frenzy began on February 7th and will last till Valentine’s Day. We started our fashion week by doing an event that is far from pretentious but a lovely mixture of fashion, live music, and charitable contributions to Ethiopia Reads. BMS’s clients, Elizabeth Azadi and Sharon E. Clarke were featured in the pre-valentine/ New York Fashion Week event. Our models meandered around the tastefully decorated Taj Lounge by Upper Room Events. Food vendors from BiteMe Cheesecakes to Madiba Restaurant, IMAN Cosmetics, and Afripop Magazine were some of the sponsors. As the guests flocked into the space, the red and black color theme for the evening was brought alive. Our models and BMS team had an amazing time! Special thanks to Panla Taste of Africa, our wonderful makeup artist Moshoodat, and gracious employees at Taj Lounge.

Here are some of our models in Sharon E. Clarke and Elizabeth Azadi







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