Thrifting On A Dime

Wouldn’t you love to buy a full outfit for less than 100 bucks!? We know many of you would! There are a few thrifty locations in New York City that can assist you with your vintage shopping needs. The most popular locations are Buffalo Exchange and Beacons Closet were you can easily get some cool and interesting pieces to add to your closet. However, their price points differ; Buffalo Exchange is more affordable while Beacons Closet is a bit pricey. If you’re into retro and vintage pieces, check out Metropolis on 3rd avenue in New York City. Overall, to shop vintage and/or thrift, a shopper must be patient (real patient) and pay attention to details. That is, examine the garment, ensure there’s no rip and tear, and you should be open to a possible alteration.

Thrifted items: jacket

Usually, the best time to get affordable Winter items is in the heat of Summer. The faux furs, camouflage jackets, and blazers, retro denim jackets, and leather pieces are practically cheap because there’s little to no interest in those items. The same applies vice versa for Spring and Summer items in the dead of Winter.


Upcycled items: jacket


Another way to thrift on a dime is by recycling some of your old pieces. That is, an old denim shirt can be tie & dyed using bleach, t-shirt can be reused as a crop top, denim jackets can be upcycled with spikes and other accessories to keep them updated and funky.

Thrifted items: shirt and leather jacket


To see other ways to match your thrifted items, check out Teff, The Don, Street Etiquette, and Street Level Culture

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